Humble Poem

I wrote this poem as a reminder that, as Christians, we should always remember to be humble, especially when we are doing any type of ministry work. We need to keep in mind that the whole reason for doing any type of work related to our faith is to glorify God. It’s too easy for us to focus on ourselves and building up our own image. However, this is not what God desires. God wants us to build His kingdom, and we do that by giving Him all the glory!


Lord help me to stay humble when I’m speaking of Your truth
May my thoughts stay narrowed in on the Father and on You
Let my words be free of pride and of self-seeking and of greed
Let the world know, through me, that You’re the only one they need
For if I’m not humble, my pride will surely get in the way
Of your simple message of hope, of everlasting life, and of grace
And if the end goal of these words is my own selfish ambitions
I’m neglecting to carry out my God-given mission-
To tell a lost world of the hope they have in You
To simply just tell them of your freedom-giving truths
And if it’s money and possessions that I’m seeking
Then my Father in Heaven is surely looking down on me and weeping
For the God I serve does not deal in money
But in peace, love, joy, and in words as sweet as honey
God, please make your truths evident to people through these words
May they lead people to the Bible, the God-breathed Word
Lord, keep me as a vessel who’s carrying the Good News
And by You, may the lost be delivered as they discover your Gospel truths.

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