Here is another poem I recently wrote. This isn’t my best work, but I thought I would share it anyway. It kinda has a minimalism theme, but the underlying theme is rejecting the world’s way and following God’s way.

Welcome to the anomalous truth:
Where the first come last and the last come first
The winners lose and the losers win
The rat race ends and your life begins

The temporal things become nonsense
You’re living for more by living with less
No longer burdened by worldly stress
Your heart and soul finally at rest

You live by a faith that carries you
Knowing that God sees you through and through
You have a sense of peace you never knew
Completely loved by the God of truth

The world sees your life and laughs at it
Not knowing that theirs is counterfeit
They can’t take their treasures to the grave,
Or see that they’re really Satan’s slaves

The truth of life is a strange one indeed
When you realize the only thing you need
Costs nothing and everything at once
The good/evil battle has been won

© Walking Out Our Faith 2018. All rights reserved.