Do Not Be Afraid

All you have to do to get your daily dose of fear is turn on the local news or scroll through your Facebook feed. It always seems like there are more bad news stories than good ones, and the more you pay attention to the news, the more you start to notice this. It is too easy to become entangled in fear in this day and age.

Lately, the media has been focusing on threats of war from other countries. The Bible tells us not to be afraid when we hear about wars (Matthew 24:6). In fact, this verse tells us to expect that wars will happen.

Threats of war is just one such example of fear we get from the media on a daily basis. Another example happened just today in Charlottesville, Virginia. Without going into too much detail, there was protest/rally surrounding the Robert E. Lee statue, and members of two opposing groups were at the event. Unfortunately, the event turned violent. Many people were injured, and one person lost their life when a car plowed into the crowd. Hearing stories like this can make us afraid that something similar will happen in our own town.

We should not bow to fear. The Bible tells us to not be afraid.¬†Psalm 37, for example, tells us not to be afraid when people do evil things. Instead, as Psalm 37 tells us, we are to put our trust in God. Psalm 37 also tells us to “do good,” and that those who do these things will be exalted. It also says that we can take “refuge” in the Lord when we are faced with troubling times.

You see, the world can be perceived as a scary place, with all the violence and global tensions the news reports. We don’t have to be afraid, though. We serve a God who is always with us, who lives in us, and who comforts us.

Even if a war does happen, or a violent protest erupts in a city near us, we know that God will be our stronghold who we can take refuge in. It’s not worth it to live your life in fear. The Bible tells us wars will happen. I think what matters is our response to the world’s fear. We can respond by not being afraid and by continuing to do God’s work by proclaiming the truth and winning souls for the Gospel.