Here is another poem I recently wrote. This isn’t my best work, but I thought I would share it anyway. It kinda has a minimalism theme, but the underlying theme is rejecting the world’s way and following God’s way.

Welcome to the anomalous truth:
Where the first come last and the last come first
The winners lose and the losers win
The rat race ends and your life begins

The temporal things become nonsense
You’re living for more by living with less
No longer burdened by worldly stress
Your heart and soul finally at rest

You live by a faith that carries you
Knowing that God sees you through and through
You have a sense of peace you never knew
Completely loved by the God of truth

The world sees your life and laughs at it
Not knowing that theirs is counterfeit
They can’t take their treasures to the grave,
Or see that they’re really Satan’s slaves

The truth of life is a strange one indeed
When you realize the only thing you need
Costs nothing and everything at once
The good/evil battle has been won

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Broken Poem

Chances are, you have experienced emotional pain that was completely unbearable at some point in your life. The pain was so inexplicably bad that you literally felt like you couldn’t handle it. I’m not going to pretend I have the answers to taking away your pain. I do know one thing is true, though. God is always with you, and He is the ultimate comforter.

It is ok to be sad. It is ok to feel pain. Just know that it does get better. God loves you. Pray that you would feel God’s comfort. I promise you that God knows what you are going through, and you are never completely alone. As scripture tells us in Deuteronomy 31:8, The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

God inspired me to write this poem for people who have gone through any kind of emotional pain.


Your pain is unbearable, your heart completely broken
No one could understand your pain even if you could show them
You feel like you can’t go on anymore, your faith’s completely gone
The one last shred of hope you had is like a shadow in the dawn
You know it would be easier to just up and give right up
But there’s a stirring in your heart that knows your time is not yet up
There IS a light at the end of this dark tunnel my child, don’t you give up

There is someone who knows your pain, and He wants to hold your hand
He’s telling you “My child, I love you dearly, and I understand.”
“You want to give up, but you can’t, for I have plans for you my dear,
Your brokenness is for a time, but my love is always here.
You won’t always feel like going on, you won’t always feel that I’m here
But I promise you I will never leave you, you can trust in my love for you my dear.”

You see the one who loves you loved His Son so much, that he watched Him suffer too
He went through pain unimaginable, But he counted it as a gain for you
His love covers over everything, yes even the broken you
He died so He could live through you, will you let Him live in you?

God’s Word is alive and active, and it falls like a holy rain
There is a peace that surpasses all understanding, even your unbearable pain
God’s love will sustain you, He will put people in your path
To encourage you, to comfort you, to help keep you on the narrow path

I don’t know the human words to comfort you, but I know these simple truths:
He will sustain you in the rain
He will sustain you through your pain
He will uplift you through His holy words and by His Holy Name
He will sustain you
He will sustain you

Note: The line “God’s word is alive and active” was inspired by the Bible verse Hebrews 4:12.

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Fear Poem

Do you have fears? If you are not careful, your fears could cause you to stumble in your faith. For instance, many people begin various addictions due to peer pressure, or the fear of not fitting in. Others get into abusive relationships because they fear being alone or they long to have a family.

I myself was in a very destructive relationship years ago, and I am just now healing from the emotional wounds it caused me. It’s funny, though, because I did not realize at the time just why I entered the relationship. It was only after I got out of the situation and looked at it from a distance that I understood why I allowed it to happen in the first place: it was because of fears I was faced with at the time.

If you have let your fears give way to sin, you are not alone. If it’s one thing I’ve learned from years of observations, the root cause of many people’s sins is fear, my own past sins included.

Thankfully, there is a way out. You have a God that loves you more than words describe. He died on a cross for everyone, and that includes you. Here is a poem I wrote illustrating how fears can lead to sin, and the solution.


Fear is what keeps us from our full potential
Fear puts us in invisible chains
Fear tempts us into sin, until we finally give in
Then more fear sets in
We sin more, we fear more, we sin more, we fear more
We sin until we believe we’ve gone too far to come back to the way we were before we feared and let sin come in
So we keep sinning, and the sin starts to feel normal
We talk ourselves into believing this is the way life should be, but deep down we know it’s wrong
We seem happy, but we’re really miserable
Our souls are screaming for the fear and sin to go away
We want to be truly happy, but we can’t while we’re this deep in sin
It’s not natural to fear, no one had fear before their first life upset
Life beats us down, and we turn to things that feel comfortable again
It’s funny though, because eventually our fake comfort becomes too fake for comfort
We all have to face the way we once were, what we were born to be eventually
We all have that deep crying out to be loved and accepted as we are naturally
We are all children of God, and we all deserve true happiness that only comes from Him
It is never, ever, ever too late to turn away from our sin
God knows exactly what and why we do what we do when we do it out of fear
Know that when He seems the farthest away, is when He is really near
He is crying out to you when you are in your deepest pain
He wants you to come back to the person you were before you let fear rule your life
All you have to do is repent, believe, and start to truly live again
Fear cannot live where true love lives
For where true love is, fear is unable to exist
God’s love gives us true happiness, true peace, true love, and true hope
Never let your fears make you give any of that up
Walk confidently in Christ, He will set you free from your fears and from your sin
He will give you the strength to walk again
So, walk, live, breathe, love, hope, and don’t lose your faith
God is with you now, He was with you then, and He’ll be with you to the very end.

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Humble Poem

I wrote this poem as a reminder that, as Christians, we should always remember to be humble, especially when we are doing any type of ministry work. We need to keep in mind that the whole reason for doing any type of work related to our faith is to glorify God. It’s too easy for us to focus on ourselves and building up our own image. However, this is not what God desires. God wants us to build His kingdom, and we do that by giving Him all the glory!


Lord help me to stay humble when I’m speaking of Your truth
May my thoughts stay narrowed in on the Father and on You
Let my words be free of pride and of self-seeking and of greed
Let the world know, through me, that You’re the only one they need
For if I’m not humble, my pride will surely get in the way
Of your simple message of hope, of everlasting life, and of grace
And if the end goal of these words is my own selfish ambitions
I’m neglecting to carry out my God-given mission-
To tell a lost world of the hope they have in You
To simply just tell them of your freedom-giving truths
And if it’s money and possessions that I’m seeking
Then my Father in Heaven is surely looking down on me and weeping
For the God I serve does not deal in money
But in peace, love, joy, and in words as sweet as honey
God, please make your truths evident to people through these words
May they lead people to the Bible, the God-breathed Word
Lord, keep me as a vessel who’s carrying the Good News
And by You, may the lost be delivered as they discover your Gospel truths.

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